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Truck Shipments:
Both bulk quicklime and bulk hydrated lime are transported in pneumatic trucks. These types of trucks use air pressure, generated by equipment on the truck, to blow the product into a silo at the customer location. A truckload of bulk quicklime weighs about 25 tons (50,000 lbs.) A truckload of bulk hydrated lime weighs about 18-25 tons (36,000 to 50,000 lbs).

Rail Shipments:
Bulk quicklime is transported in hoppercars. The quicklime drops from the bottom of the car into a type of unloading system. One type of system has the quicklime drop into a screw and conveyor system where it is transported to the silo. Another unloading system involves the use of an unloading pan that is attached to the opening at the bottom of the car. (There are multiple openings). The quicklime drops into this pan and is then subsequently drawn into the system via vacuum and transported to the silo. A hopper car of lime can be viewed as the equivalent of four trucks and weighs about 100 tons (200,000 lbs).


Truck Shipments:
Our bagged hydrated lime can be shipped on flatbed trucks or in a truck vans. The use of truck vans is only possible when the customer has an unloading dock. For safety concerns our Landmark plant does not load flatbed trucks from a loading dock at any time. Also, for similar safety concerns, a flatbed truck cannot be unloaded at a customer's loading dock unless the dock is of a type that prevents the forklift or pallet jack from accidentally falling off the flatbed during the unloading process.

All of our flatbed trucks are set up for side unloading, which means that a standard 48x40 inch pallet is placed on the flatbed truck with the long end pointing out toward the side. This enables the pallets to be unloaded from the side. Flatbed trucks are generally used when a customer does not have a loading dock. If a customer does have an unloading dock, vans are often preferred and offer a competitive freight rate. Flatbed trucks use a tarp to protect the bags of lime from the weather. Truck vans do not require a tarp since they are enclosed.

The product weight of a truckload of our bagged hydrated lime is 22.50 tons (45,000 lbs). There are 20 pallets on a truck. Each pallet is stacked 9 tiers (bags) high, and has 5 bags per tier, for total of 45 bags per pallet, and a total of 900 bags on a truck

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