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Thank you for taking the time to read about the history of our company. Cheney Lime & Cement Company is a family owned business that was founded in 1903 and has been producing lime products for over 100 years.

We are very appreciative of all of the product orders we've received from our valued customers which have enabled our company to continue to be successful through the years. We are also very much looking forward to continuing to supply the product needs of all of our current and future customers for many years to come.

All of us at Cheney Lime & Cement Company are proud of our company's heritage. Below are the years representing some of the company's milestones:

Today The Landmark plant produces quicklime (bulk), and hydrated lime (bulk & Bags), as well as kiln dust (bulk). The Graystone plant has been de-commissioned and no longer produces hydrated lime. Our General Offices continue to be located in Allgood, AL.
1991 A second rotary kiln was commissioned at the Landmark plant which increased production capacity to two kilns.
1990 A new hydrate plant was commissioned at Landmark. Most of the company's hydrate production was shifted to the new hydrate production facilities. Automatic palletizing and stretch wrapping equipment was added.
1970 The first rotary kiln was placed in operation at the Landmark plant for quicklime production.
1950 Quicklime production was discontinued at the Graystone plant in Allgood, however, that plant continued to produce hydrated lime in bulk and bags.
1930 Masonry cement production was begun at the Graystone plant under the trade name Brixmortar.
1922 Quicklime production facilities were established at the Landmark plant, near Alabaster, AL, utilizing vertical kilns. (The name Landmark, which is used in the plant name, comes from the CSX Railroad railroad designation for the rail siding at the Cheney Lime & Cement Company plant.)
1915 The name of the town, Chepultepec, was changed to Allgood, AL in honor of Dr. Allgood, who was postmaster at the time. The name change had been requested by the founder of Cheney Lime & Cement Company. (He was having trouble receiving orders because the customers could not spell or remember the name Chepultepec.) Dr. Allgood formally submitted a request through the Post Office Department, which was subsequently granted, and the name was changed to Allgood, AL.
1903 Cheney Lime & Cement Company was founded in 1903. The company built a spur track from the L&N Railroad. A vertical kiln for quicklime production was built at Graystone, and General Offices were established adjacent to the plant at Chepultepec, AL. (The town was later to be renamed.)

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